Thursday, September 12, 2013

MBH 2010 - 2013 Investing Report

MBH 2010 - 2013 Investing Report
Having completed over 4 billion euros worth of projects in Germany and domestic Europe, MBH has a strong reputation for delivering outstanding quality and client satisfaction. MBH’s debut project in the Middle East promises to be nothing less, with MBH hoping to set a new standard of construction whilst offering investors a high return on their investment.

Choosing Dubai Sports City was a very strategic and deliberate partnership for MBH. Dubai Sports City promises to make Dubai famous in every corner of the world. This 5 square kilometer city dedicated to all elements of sporting excellences has been designed to be the World’s Premier Sporting Destination.
The events and activities at Dubai Sports City will generate a huge surge of visitors to this purpose built city: Spectators, athletes, sporting personalities, VIP’s, sponsors and of course the dignitaries directly connected to the sporting federations and headquarters located at Sports City. The prime location of The Cube lends itself perfectly to provide a luxurious 5 star hotel that will more than meet the needs of the many visitors to this sporting paradise.
MBH have created a specialized and unique investment concept that fulfills all of the requirements of today’s discerning investor. Having taken time and care to study the market, it became clear to MBH that there are 4 vital criteria that should be met:
they are investing in an organization that they can trust to deliver excellence.

High return on investment
The Cube Condo Residence offers investors the opportunity to own an apartment within a 5 Star hotel, in return their investment will deliver a considerable residual income.

Hands Free Investing
Managed by a 5 Star international hotel group, whose brand name and reputation will maximise the occupancy and revenue, investors in The Cube can literally sit back and relax in the knowledge that their investment is being optimized by professionals.

The condo residence concept maximizes the profits that exist in Dubai’s hotel industry. Consistently since 2008 Dubai’s hotels have averaged more revenue than any other hotels worldwide, therefore ownership of a hotel apartment is one of the most lucrative and sustainable options available to those looking to invest in real estate and represents a high end specialized investment opportunity.

Combining an iconic luxury 5 Star residence in landmark project along with the expertise and knowledge of an international hotel operator, The Cube offers investors the chance to be part of a superior style of real estate investment.

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